The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 04Jun2017
Brian and Tyler (instruction)

Launch:  Stow, MA - Minute Man Air Field   Duration:  1:10
Land:  S Actoan, MA   Distance:  4.7
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Map of the flight

Here is a Gmap4 version of the track that should open in a new browser window (Google Maps removed http:KMZ). This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

Small window of opportunity for this weekend on Sunday morning. Saturday is windy with some rain, Sunday late afternoon is more rain. Sunday morning was supposed to be light and variable but ended up with faster breezes just a bit above the trees.

We were first at the airport, followed closely by Rudi and REMAX (Both Chris and Bruce). We got of quickly to make room on the grass with Brian flying. After West Acton Road I took over to put us below tree top level except for the high spots.

That slowed us down so Rudi passed by. Played down in a marsh to further slow our approach to the S Action train station. Continued W along the river. Eventually reached Parker Street and found Cucurbit Farm just over the tree line.

Setup slow descent to test possibility of landing. Slowed and headed for a clear area on the driveway so we set down.

Timelapse Video:

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