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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 07Jul2017
Samantha and Andrew; Danielle and Eric

Launch:  Stowe, VT - Stoweflake Inn   Duration:  1:05 0:50
Land:  Local; Morrisville   Distance:  1.5 5.4
Link To: Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa
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Map of the flight

Here is a Gmap4 version of the track that should open in a new browser window (Google Maps removed http:KMZ). This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

Rain again this year impacted our flights. Friday evening we had thunderstorms to the west, then Saturday morning was heavy fog followed by showers.

Saturday evening we had heavy showers go through about 6 pm but everything behind that dissipated and left light winds for a slow flight. We initially drifted south but never crossed out of the Stoweflake property. Climbing over 1000 ft we finally shifted east then north, eventually reaching the corner of the golf. The west flow we saw Rudi use was gone when I descended so we landed and walked the balloon back to the parking lot.

Sunday morning started with fog, but much shallower than Saturday. Winds were forecast to come up early so we didn't want to delay long. Got off about 7:30 and everyone was moving north-east up the valley. Up higher you started veering left so I spent the entire flight tickling tree tops. Last night I went high but only .4 miles from launch to landing point. Today I stayed low but went far. Later in the flight we turned more east and shortly after crossing RT 100 we landed at an animal hospital south of the Morrisville-Stowe Airport. The initial approach had slowed down but as we got close to the driveway the speed was picking up so we made a "solid" landing and slid to a stop.

Timelapse Video captured on a static mounted Sony HDR-AS100VR:

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